Milford Sound

Milford Sound, New Zealand.

I’d never seen a fjord.  I’ve seen photos of them from friends who’d travel to the northern parts of Europe, but didn’t know how majestic they are up close until I was… up close one.

We were on a ferry touring Milford Sound, around 2 hours away from Te Anau, in the southern island of New Zealand.  We were quite close to the bottom of the earth. 😊 I’ve seen a lot of beautiful places, many in the Philippines. Outside our country, Milford Sound counts among the most beautiful places on earth that I’ve seen so far.

I was rooted on this one spot at the ferry’s starboard as I gawked and soaked in as much of what I could see and feel. I couldn’t but thank our Creator for being who He is to me. And I found myself enumerating hundreds of answers to the 3 questions about Him that I learned from a Christian apologist named Ravi Zaccharias:

Are You not _____?
Did You not _____?
Will You not _____?

It is such a beautiful world.

Author: Aggie M.

I am Manila-born, Manila-bred, Manila-based. A professional market research consultant for more than 20 years. How I have endured an absolutely left-brained career escapes even me, but then again - I am not complaining. Closest friends might dispute this, but I am an observer more than I am a participant, at least in many situations. I find the most insignificant and dismissible occurrences amusing where others would not. These are what keep me going everyday - the looking forward to the next little anecdote that I can re-tell and archive in my life's pages. Here's to life!

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